Experiencing issues with Internet Explorer 9

By Brian | June, 16, 2011

If you’ve recently updated to Internet Explorer 9 and you experiencing issues

South Bend Client Appreciation Lunch A Success!

By Brian | April, 15, 2011

Our Spring Client Appreciation lunch in downtown South Bend at Trio's Restaurant and Jazz Club was a success!

IE9, Firefox 4, and Chrome 10

By Brian | March, 28, 2011

In an unprecedented aligning of the stars, each of the major Web browsers released a new version in the past month. The Good News is, the browsers are all faster and are displaying Web pages quicker than previous versions. On the Bad news side...

Speaking of Social Media, Have you Liked Us on facebook yet?

By Brian | March, 21, 2011

BANG! now has a facebook page.

Choose Your Web Provider Carefully...

By Brian | July, 19, 2010

In an interesting, conspiracy generating event, Blogetery.com a blogging platform shut down on July 9th. A week before Ipbfree.com went down as well. When reached for comment both companies said they can't say why they are closed, but they aren't coming back. This leaves many companies without their blog or message board and without notice or time to extract any of their content from the sites before they were closed...