How Cybercriminals Invade Social Networks

By Brian | April, 10, 2010

Good article by TrendMicro about computer security and social networking. Since we are encouraging our clients to be more active with social networking, we want to also educate them about the dangers involved. From the article...

Social networking has grown from a niche fad among tech-savvy kids into a full-blown Internet phenomenon—and don't think that hackers haven't noticed. Several new attacks use Facebook and other social networking sites in order to infiltrate not only private individuals' computers, but also their work computers and corporate networks.

A recent piece of malware was spread when a Facebook user clicked on a link that appeared to be from a work colleague. The message referred to an actual event that both had attended, so the user thought there was no harm in clicking the link to see photos.

Unfortunately, the message hadn't come from her colleague at all; it came from a hacker who'd done just enough research to be able to impersonate him. And with a click of the link, the user's computer was infected. Soon enough, the hacker used her company login to infiltrate the network of the financial firm where she worked and eventually was able to control two servers.

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