On-line Holiday Sales Set New Records

By Brian Rideout | January, 13, 2010

Tuesday December 15th On-line sales set a new daily record of $913 million dollars! This increase helped the sales for the season rise to a 4% increase over last year. This brings the holiday sales total to $29.1 Billion in sales. Amazon.com’s peak day of sales was December 14th with customers ordering over 9.5 million items globally at a record breaking 110 items per second. Barnes & Noble's e-commerce sales were up 17% over last year while in store sales were down 5.4%.

If you’ve been waiting to start selling your products on your Web site, this is the biggest wake up call to date that you are missing out. Our latest shopping cart systems are flexible and robust, they rank well on search engines and provide secure, automated credit card processing.  Let us know if you would like a tour through the features.

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