Branding, Positioning & Value

By Brian | November, 02, 2009

Recently I listened to a presentation on the subject of brand development. It was a great presentation put on by a partner in a local firm who has recently completed an accreditation program on the subject. He included many examples of large successful companies who live and die by their brands. These companies included AOL, McDonalds, Quaker Oates and others.

I have to admit I had to leave early so I may have missed some points near the end of the presentation but what I did take away was this. Companies that don't build their brand, and establish themselves as a clear leader in their industry, risk having their product or service be seen as a commodity or even a generic solution. The presenter's contention, and indeed the beginning of his presentation compared designer label clothes with the typical department store brands that a typical middle or lower income consumer would buy, was you can charge more for a product or service sold by a successful brand. His example showed that comparable products may sell for 10 to 20 times more when they carry the designer label. Not a surprise to most of us, after all a Timex and Rolex are still just a way to tell what time it is. A Chevy and a Porsche are still both automobiles for transportation. McDonalds and Ruth Chris Steak house both provide food. I'm assuming his presentations point was "Better create a strong brand for your company so you can charge more?"

And that got me thinking... is my goal to brand BKR Studio as the leader in its field so I can charge more to build a Web site for our clients? No, its not!

Positioning, I think is a better term. I want to position BKR Studio as THE firm small and medium size companies come to when looking for a good value in Web site development. Not as the company that will spend all their money, but the company that will make them money! I enjoy helping others succeed. I get zero satisfaction when a prospective client can't afford our services. Our clients spend the right amount of money. Not too little to be ineffective, not more than they need to. In our minds, everything you need and nothing you don't leads to a good value.

Yes, we charge more than a "One man band" Web designer does, and we have to. We have a team working on your site and that is critical for success. One person can't excel at all the disciplines required to build a Web site that works! However we charge a lot less than a large ad agency would for a comparable project. Web development is 98% of the work we do and our work flow and processes ensure a job well done. With over 300 domains managed for our clients, we're very good at creating successes for them. Is it time for you to spend less, and get more?

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