Going Green

By Brian | September, 15, 2009

I guess it all started when my wife suggested we walk to the grocery store. "Walk!... why would we want to walk to the grocery store? We've got three perfectly good cars" I replied. Well since then we've taken up hiking (and have hiked in Arizona, Florida,  Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah and 5 other states), hugged a few trees (at least figuratively) bought lots of compact flourescent lightbulbs, and I'm now driving a hybrid car (and I got rid of the 10 mpg van!).

On a business perspective, we are migrating servers over to blade servers and virtualizing multiple servers on each blade. We've got six servers running on three blades and we are just getting warmed up (pun intended). The whole blade server now is pulling less than 500 watts of energy for those six servers. It also generates a lot less heat which means the A/C doesn't run nearly as much. And speaking of A/C, during the cool months we engage an economizer on the A/C unit and it pulls in cool air instead of running the compressor... free cooling for several months out of the year. We even bought "Green" drives for the latest server which pulls less wattage per drive, a few watts for two terrabytes of storage. Oh, and since South Bend/St. Joseph County won't provide recycling containers, I cart home all our recyclables and put it in our home container (shhh, don't tell!).

So what does this mean for you? Well, if your trying to be environmentally friendly like we are, you can feel better that every e-mail you send and every visit to your Web site is having the least impact on the environment as possible. You may be surprised to learn that data centers are some of the most power hungry beasts out there... but not ours. Will we single handedly stop global warming... no way, but we are certainly trying not to contribute to the problem.

How about you? What have you changed about your lifestyle or business to be environmentally friendly? Shoot me your comments below.

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