bing - Microsoft's attack on Google

By Brian | June, 30, 2009

bing (and no, I didn't forget to capitalize... that's how Microsoft want's it) has an interesting name. The obvious is "BING" like the sound effect for the light bulb lighting up. The other is an acronym... "Because Its Not Google". Regardless of how you think about the name, they have brought some interesting new tools to bear on searching the Internet.

For instance, related searches, other phrases that might be even better than your first choice show on the left (which I find preferable to Google's at the very bottom of the page. Your recent searches are shown on the left directly below their suggestions where it's easy to repeat them if you'd like.

Oh, and if this isn't enough to make you try bing... they'll pay you to use their search engine. Create an account, sign in, and your rewarded for using bing!

Of course, for us it's all about the search results delivered. And with our perspective of wanting our clients sites at the top of the list, how did they do... pretty well! In most instances bing ranked our sites right at the top where they were found on Google. For instance search for South Bend Indiana Florist and Wygant's is in the #1 natural search result. Search for Custom Embroidery Tampa and Embroidered Pelican is also #1. A search for Chiropractor in South Bend shows Active Health and Wellness Center at the top as well. Interestingly though, both Active Health and Wygant's do not show in the local results on bing where they do on Google. Interesting? Odd? It's almost like they are intentionally showing results in the local search that aren't found in the natural search results below.

Try bing today at

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