Hundreds of new Top Level Domains Coming

By Brian | November, 19, 2012

Whoa! Hundreds of new top level domains (think .com, .net, etc.) are on the horizon. ICAAN (the governing body of the Internet) has moved forward with allowing the creation of lots of new domains including... .web, .accountant, .attorney, .auto, .bank, .bar and more. For the complete click through to the full blog post.


Learn From Pizza

By Brian | May, 16, 2012

This article is by Steve Krupnik a friend, client and marketer that I have the highest respect for. This article is reprinted with his permission. Steve is a consultant to Pawn Brokers across the country and his weekly E-news had this interesting spin on Internet marketing versus the Yellow Pages.

His "Marketing Systems" section of his program states: "If you do not have a strong local presence on the Internet for your pawnshop, to more than half of the prospective customers in your area you simply do not exist."

The price is right on our E-commerce site!

By Brian Rideout | January, 11, 2012

Recently we appeared in the Tribune Business Weekly in South Bend.

Your password is the key to your house

By Brian Rideout | December, 02, 2011

Choosing a unique password is as important as keeping tabs on the keys to your house.

Warning USPS and a Malicious Virus

By Brian | November, 29, 2011

USPS is warning customers of bogus email package delivery notifications.